Mascherano accepts a year in jail for tax fraud

He hid 1.5 million euros to finance, income for royalties in 2011 and 2012. It has requested the replacement of the prison by a fine.
Barcelona’s Argentine player Javier Mascherano has accepted today sentenced to a year in jail for defrauding 1.5 million euros of Finance and has asked the Court of Barcelona that will suspend the prison sentence or is the replaced with a fine of 21,600 euros.

In a judgment “in voce” , the eighth section of the Hearing of Barcelona has sentenced the player to one year in prison in a trial that lasted just ten minutes in which Mascherano has accepted the year of imprisonment agreed with the Attorney General and the State Attorney , after returning to the defrauded amount Hacienda.

The court convicted Mascherano to a year in prison for two crimes against public finances in fiscal years 2011 and 2012 and imposed a fine of 815,000 euros , in addition to the ban on obtaining public subsidies and tax incentives for the duration of the punishment.

The defense of Mascherano, exercised by attorneys David Aineto and Diego Artacho has asked the court to replace the prison sentence imposed by another fine of 21,600 euros a mechanism that would facilitate the cancellation of the player’s criminal record , and if not so free to him in prison.

The prosecution has supported the request of the defense, but not the State Bar , which accepts that the entrance is suspended prison footballer -for lack background and be the lesser sentence to two years but opposes to be commuted to a fine of 21,600 euros raised by the defense.